2016 Summer Prints, Galleria G

2016 Rovaniemi Art Museum - Korundi

2015 Lahti Art Museum

2014 From The Collection of the Majaoja-Foundation, Tampere

2013 Finavia Vip-Lounge, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

2013 Cable Factory, Invited by Boyden Oy, Helsinki

2013 New Print, Gallery G, Helsinki

2012 Studies on Transformation, Gallery Rantakasarmi, Helsinki

2012 New Print, Gallery G, Helsinki

2011 Art Helsinki, Contemporary art fair (Gallery Ama)

2010 The Degree Show of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts

2009 Double Talk, Holden Gallery, Manchester, England

2009 From My Diary, Gallery Stoa, Helsinki

2009 New Masters Show, Gallery Fafa, Helsinki

2009 Drawing, Movement and Choreography, Kaikugallery, Helsinki

2008 Finnish Artists 113. Exhibition, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa

2008 New Painting, Lahti Art Museum


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